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Often traditional "dig & repair" is still your best option...

Excavation is still the most common repair method used on sewer lines. There are two basic types of dig and repair:

1) Spot Repair: a single hole dig that is used when the problem area is easily accessible, there is only a single localized break or leak in the pipe, and the remainder of the pipe is in good condition.

2) Open Cut: a trench is dug to replace a longer stretch of pipe. Typically used when circumstances and/or pipe condition won’t allow trenchless pipe lining or pipe bursting.

We can handle all types of sewer repair work---even under city streets! We always work to minimize inconvenience to you and disturbance to your home and we pride ourselves in restoring your property as close to its original condition as possible once all work is completed.

Root 24 is the one call solution center. Not only can we assist in pin pointing the problem in your water, sewer or drain piping, but we have the expertise and equipment to make any necessary repairs. We have been working extensively with cities on reducing infiltration problems through repairing broken lines by performing point repairs. Maybe the entire line is not in need of replacing, it could just be one faulty service connection or one bad break in the line.

New systems? Yes, we can install new storm sewer systems, sanitary sewer systems, waterlines, and pump stations.




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