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Root24HRS Residential Services

Root 24 offers 24 hour emergency service for residential home owners!
We can resolve your plumbing problems and stop that leak before it creates major damage to your home.

Pipe Bursting:
If your sewer drain is stopped up you have found the solution. Not another "treatment" but the solution for sewer back-ups and stoppages. Please see our page for pipe bursting.

Ejector Pumps:
In older homes, rural homes, or other homes that may not have adequate slope to properly flow to the municipal sewer system, a sewage ejection system is necessary to dispose of wastewater. This is usually a one day installation process where a pump is usually recessed into the floor or basement and then the necessary piping is run to either the existing sewer lateral or mainline. It has been our experience that this a great solution for frequent back-ups




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