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Root 24 Hrs Testimonials
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To Whom It May Concern:
Our neighbor recently needed repair work done to their swere line. Unfortunately their utilities run under our driveway which my neighbor has an easement to use for access to their property. Root 24 was the contracted company to do the work. This job was not an easy task due to the driveway situation they had to deal with. As the owner of the driveway, we had concerns about the jack hammering and a back-hoe digging a six foot deep trench down the middle of our driveway. Root 24 was able to repair our neighbor's sewer line and restor our driveway back to pre-trenching condtion. Chris was our contact at Root 24 and he did a great job keeping us informed of the progress of the work. We would recommend his company in the future to our family and friends needing sewer line work. Thanks again, Chris for you efforts and concern.
From: Frank W.

Just wanted to say thank you!
You guys were awesome! On time, did what they said they woudl do and cleaned up after themselves. I am sure to use you again!
From: Chuck S.

Dear Mr. Kuensel,
I have no questions, just a big thank you for the new sewerage line and motivating me to get the insurance (sewerage).
The area (used to install the new sewer line) has been seeded with grass seeds. I am watering the area daily.
Again, thank you and God Bless You.
From: Mallie W.

To the men at Root 24 that helped us this past week.
Thank you so much! My husbankd and I were so impressed by your quick response to our house, your positive outlooks, hard work, attention to detail, and determination of getting the job done so quickly but correctly!
We will be singing your praises.
From: Harvey & Anne D. , Mt. Laurel

Dear Chris
I was so impressed iwth how ou went out of your way to help me. What a breath of "fresh air" after trying to deal with the Hartford Insurance Company, I'm certain that the invoice will help a great deal. I wrote a fax to the adjuster supervisor and included your invoice. He phoned me to say he is reviewing my case and will call me soon!
Thanks Again!
From: Mary Margaret D. , Clementon

Dear Chris,
I just wanted to thank you for having our basement cleaned after the pipe broke. The true measure of a business is what they do for the customer when things to wrong. We appreciate what you did for us.
From: Joanne J.

I wanted to take this time to let you personally know that you are running a very fine organization. As I am sure you are aware, you should be very comfortable with the way your organization is performing but you should also be very proud - particularly of your employees and the level of service they perform.

I had a water main issue at my home in Ocean City, New Jersey and I cannot tell you enough how incredibly satisfied and pleased I was with every step of the process. From the courteous before and after phone calls from Chris to the incredible work performed on-site by Rich and Sean. Every step, thus far, has been excellent.

Chris was excellent - reached out multiple times to see how things went and if I was satisfied. What a great mechanism to have in a service industry that isn't always concerned with true customer service. He is doing a great job.

Incidentally, and I mentioned this to Chris on the phone today - both Rich and Sean worked incredibly long and hard and they should be recognized and rewarded for a job - very well done. I told my wife that digging the trenches was a job in and of itself - but then, to run the new water line and then re-dig the trenches - was incredible. Both Rich and Sean were amazingly genuine, honest, professional - were able to explain things to me in a common voice and as I mentioned before --- they worked incredibly hard. Not sure they took more than a 10 minute break from nearly 10am until almost 9pm. I was very, very impressed. Please take care of them, in any way you can.

The job, I believe, for the most part will be covered by my contract with New Jersey American Water and I am waiting to find out how much out of pocket I may be for some of the 'personal' concrete work to occur next week - but I must tell you Rich and Sean were able to salvage most of my driveway and I am incredibly appreciative and thankful for that. I am hoping the additional cost you propose to possibly replace the driveway: apron and mend some of the curbing is not too high. I quite simply just want things to look and be like they were before the issue.

In closing, I felt it important to write this letter to again let you know that Chris, Rich and Sean must be great employees - employees I could certainly use in my line of business.

Please give them my thanks. People often only hear the negative - but I thought it important to share the positive.

From: Mark P. , Ocean City

JN and GC finished this job yesterday, Mr. S wanted to speak to both of you personally to tell you how happy he is with our company and thinks GC and NJ are the best thing since sliced bread!
From: Phone call testimonial from: , Mr S.

Manny was sent on a drain job, when he arrived there, it turned out to be a small plumbing job. Instead of washing his hands of it and telling the customer that we would have to come back out - he took care of it himself
I thought that was incredible how he was showing some really great initiative.. - and it's not the first time! It's just the first time I remembered to say something!
From: Phone call testimonial

Brian was out on 3/1/2010 for an AWR job and a job for the customer. Ree called to say what a great job he did for her. She also has an autistic grandson who wanted to help and Brian was kind and thoughful. She also called AWR to tell them.
From: Phone call testimonial , Ms. V.





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